hamma® Regatta 17-4PH Snap Shackles – Now In Stock

hamma® Regatta 17-4PH Snap Shackles – Now In Stock

Our industry leading hamma® Regatta 17-4PH Snap Shackles are now In Stock!

Designed with the weekend racer and the long-term cruiser in mind, our hamma® Regatta 17-4P Snap Shackles meet the high load required of today's high-tech, low stretch and evolving synthetics.

hamma® Regatta 17-4PH Snap Shackle Key Features

  • Designed to outperform the competition and work under extreme load
  • Made from high strength grade 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Fully supported locking pin with full hook engagement to ensure positive hold
  • Swivel head eyes allow self-alignment under load

hamma Regatta® is a global brand you can trust for quality, performance, and support.

Exclusive to Arcus Wire Group

Exclusively manufactured and supplied by Arcus Wire Group, our hamma® Regatta Snap Shackles are part of our industry leading hamma® range of stainless steel wire rope and fittings.

Where to Buy hamma® Regatta Snap Shackles?

Contact your local Chandlery, sailmaker, or yacht rigger today.

For More Information

Click here for the Snap shackles brochure or contact our team today on 1800 272 879 or sales@arcuswire.com.


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