hamma Snap Shackles

hamma Snap Shackles

hamma Regatta is the epitome of "Performance by Design". As a premium manufacturer and supplier of performance yacht rigging hardware that meets the high loads of today's high tech low stretch stainless steel strand and evolving synthetics. We have identified and designed from the ground up a range of high-quality well-priced snap shackles for running applications. 

Our commitment to both the weekend racer and the long term cruiser is reflected in our attention to detail in every product we bring to the market. 

Made from high strength, high corrosion resistant grade 17-4 stainless steel, fully supported locking pin with full hook engagement to ensure positive load. Swivel head eyes allow self-alignment under load. 

Product Launch and data will be released in the month of June, with stock arriving in Australia and Europe in July/August.


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