In Stock Now - Stainless Steel G316 Medium Link Chain

In Stock Now - Stainless Steel G316 Medium Link Chain

We are pleased to advise that our latest shipment of stainless steel G316 medium link chain is now in stock.

About Our Stainless Steel G316 Medium Link Chain 

Directly shipped into our stores, our medium link chain is commonly used in the shade sail and marine industries, as well as architectural projects.

Our superior medium link chain is manufactured from high-quality G316 Stainless Steel, and is sourced from our experienced supplier who has been providing stainless steel chain for over 30 years .

Available in a wide range of sizes. Mill certificates are available on request. All chains are batch tested per drum for Minimum Breaking Loads.

Inquire About Arcus Wire Group's Medium Link Chain Supply

Click below for the medium link chain brochure, or contact our team today on 1800 272 879 or

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