hamma® threaded toggle plates articulate, therefore reducing the impact of vibrations on the wire rope. All threads are unf. As a general rule the thread will match the size of the eye in the toggle plate.

Product Code Wire Size Pin Size
HM-TEXM-0505 5.0mm 5/16"
HM-TEXM-0606 6.0mm 3/8"
HM-TEXM-0708 7.0mm 1/2"
HM-TEXM-0808 8.0mm 1/2"
HM-TEXM-0810 8.0mm 5/8"
HM-TEXM-1010 10.0mm 5/8"
HM-TEXM-1212 12.0mm 3/4"
HM-TEXM-1412 14.0mm 3/4"

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