hamma™ X 7x7 has been Australia's number one selling 7x7 wire rope for over 20 years. hamma™ X 7x7 is made up of 7 strands with 7 wires. hamma™ X 7x7 is a Semi-Rigid wire rope and not as easily bent as 7x19. hamma™ X 7x7 is an excellent choice for fixed rigging applications such as balustrading and safety barrier rails. hamma™ X 7x7 has very limited applications as a running or working rope. Known for its superior quality, this is an essential product for the following industries.

  • Balustrading
  • Shade Structure's and Tensile Membranes
  • Marine
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Cable Net Structures

Wire lengths are available in the following Cut, 305m, 500m, 1000m and 3000m. Other lengths are available upon request.


Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Construction MBS (kgf) MBS (kN) Weight p/m (kg)
HMX77012 Download 3/64" 7x7 86 0.8 0.006
HMX77016 Download 1/16" 7x7 153 1.5 0.010
HMX77024 Download 3/32" 7x7 344 3.4 0.023
HMX77032 Download 1/8" 7x7 612 6.0 0.042
HMX77048 Download 3/16" 7x7 1,493 14.6 0.095
HMX77055 Download 7/32" 7x7 1,857 18.2 0.130
HMX77064 Download 1/4" 7x7 2,641 25.9 0.169
HMX77072 Download 9/32" 7x7 3,343 32.8 0.215

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