Machined from the highest grade 316 Stainless Steel, SeaRig Jaw-Jaw Toggles are made to adapt to all hamma™ Regatta and Sea Rig Rigging Screws. Enhanced design features allow for more material in key stress areas. 

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.

Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Pin Size
TP0405 Download 4mm 5/16"
TP0505 Download 5mm 5/16"
TP0506 Download 5mm 3/8"
TP0607 Download 6mm 7/16"
TP0608 Download 6mm 1/2"
TP0708 Download 7mm 1/2"
TP0808 Download 8mm 1/2"
TP0810 Download 8mm 5/8"
TP0910 Download 9mm 5/8"
TP1010 Download 10mm 5/8"
TP1012 Download 10mm 3/4"
TP1112 Download 11mm 3/4"
TP1212 Download 12mm 3/4"
TP1214 Download 12mm 7/8"
TP1412 Download 14mm 3/4"
TP1414 Download 14mm 7/8"
TP1620 Download 16mm 1' 1/4"
TP1924 Download 19mm 1' 1/2"

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