Pipe Turnbuckle- Toggle/Swage

Technical Data:

Casting material: AISI316- DIN 1.4408
Production: S3121/5 -Toggle - Cast
Surface treatment: "E.P." (Electro polished)
Field of application: hamma™ Industrial Pipe Turnbuckle, Toggle and Swage Stud are designed for tightening of one loose end to a wire rope. The wire rope must be swaged properly with a swaging machine.

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.



Product Code Data Sheet Size (inch) M (thread) Box Qty B.L. (kgs)
HM-6312-1002 Download 1/8" M6 250 1,000
HM-6312-1004 Download 5/32" M8 150 1,400
HM-6312-1003 Download 3/16" M8 150 1,400
HM-6312-1030 Download 3/16" M10 100 2,200
HM-6312-1001 Download 1/4" M10 75 2,200
HM-6312-1032 Download 1/4" M12 50 4,000
HM-6312-1031 Download 5/16" M12 50 4,000
HM-6312-1053 Download 3/32" M5 600 600
HM-6312-1029 Download 5/32" M6 200 1,000

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