Pipe Turnbuckles - Jaw/Swage

Technical Data:

Casting material: AISI316- DIN 1.4401
Production: SF3121P - Fork Forged
Surface treatment: "E.P." (Electro polished)
Field of application: hamma™ Industrial Pipe Turnbuckles, Jaw and Swage Stud are designed for tightening of one loose end to a wire rope. The wire rope must be swaged properly with a swaging machine. These are one of our most popular items.

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.


Product Code Data Sheet Size (mm) M (thread) Box Qty B.L. (kgs)
HM-2312-1072 Download 7*M12 M12 n/a 4,500
HM-6312-1010 Download 12 M12 50 4,000
HM-6312-1016 Download 6 M6 350 1,000
HM-6312-1017 Download 5 M5 600 600
HM-6312-1018 Download 8 M8 200 1,400
HM-6312-1009 Download 10 M10 100 2,200
HM-6312-1011 Download 14 M14 30 5,400
HM-6312-1070 Download 16 M16 30 6,500
HM-6312-1071 Download 20 M20 15 8,500
HM-6312-1068 Download 2*M5 M5 600 600
HM-6312-1122 Download 3*M5 M5 600 600
HM-6312-1050 Download 4*M6 M6 350 1,000
HM-6312-1064 Download 5*M8 M8 200 1,400
HM-6312-1072 Download 7*M12 M12 n/a 4,500
HM-6312-1098 Download 8*M12 M12 40 4,500
HM-6312-1073 Download 8*M14 M14 n/a 6,000
HM-6312-1074 Download 10*M16 M16 n/a 8,200
HM-6312-1455 Download 12*M20 M20 n/a 12,500
HM-6312-1461 Download 16*M24 M24 n/a 18,500

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