Traditional design offers robust support with ample adjustment. An economical solution that maximises value by providing a simple yet effective cable assembly.

Cable Diameters
4mm - 42mm

Rated Breaking Load

Up to 1,120kN or 114,208kgf

Technical Data

Fork Material:
Below 8mm - Sheet AISI316 EN 1.4401
Above 8mm - Cast AISI316 EN 1.4401
Rod Material:
Surface Treatment:
Matt Finish
Other finished available on request

Specific Features

    • Minimal, sleek profile for ultimate aesthetic appeal
    • Designed with unique internal adjustment mechanism that allows for cost effective installation
    • Fully concealed threads for use in highly visible architectural applications


Product Code Data Sheet Cable Construction Limit Tension (kN) MBL (kN) Grade
SCS-B31-10P Download 10mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 54 ​​90 G316
SCS-B31-10X Download 10mm hamma™ X 1x19 ​44 ​​​74 G316
SCS-B31-12P Download 12mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 76 127 G316
SCS-B31-12X Download 12mm hamma™ X 1x19 64 106 G316
SCS-B31-14P Download 14mm hamma™ Pro 1x25 92 1​70 G316
SCS-B31-14X Download 14mm hamma™ X 1x19 87 145 G316
SCS-B31-16P Download 16mm hamma™ Pro 1x25 12​0 225 G316
SCS-B31-16X Download 16mm hamma™ X 1x19 108 180 G316
SCS-B31-19P Download 19mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 16​9 2​82 G316
SCS-B31-19X Download 19mm hamma™ X 1x19 160 267 G316
SCS-B31-20M Download 20mm hamma™ Mega 1x​37 167 279 G316
SCS-B31-22M Download 22mm hamma™ Mega 1x​37 204 341 G316
SCS-B31-24M Download 24mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 246 410 G316
SCS-B31-28M Download 28mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 33​6 561 G316
SCS-B31-30M Download 30mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 417 695 G316
SCS-B31-34M Download 34mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 509 849 G316
SCS-B31-36M Download 36mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 522 870 G316
SCS-B31-42M Download 42mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 604 1,008 G316

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