Circular Hook- Eye End

Technical Data:

  • Casting material : AISI316- DIN 1.4408
  • Production:
    • SF24301 - Snap - Forged
  • Surface treatment : "E.P." (Electro polished)

Field of application: hamma™ Industrial Spring snaps (circular hook, angled latch with eye end) is designed for comfort to the opening of the latch while eye end for assembly onto rope or quick links.

Note: Standard Safety factor for working loads is 1/5 of Breaking Load.

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.




Product Code Data Sheet Size (mm) Box Qty B.L. (kgs)
HM-6243-0106 Download 6 600 830
HM-6243-0108 Download 8 300 1,600
HM-6243-0110 Download 10 150 2,500
HM-6243-0112 Download 12 100 3,300

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