hamma™ Regatta Stemball cups have been designed using Marine grade 316 stainless steel and are ideally used with hamma™ Regatta Swaged or Threaded Stemballs

Product Code Data Sheet D (mm) External Diameter D1 (mm) Internal Diameter
HM-CUP-0818 Download 18.0mm 8.0mm
HM-CUP-0926 Download 26.0mm 9.0mm
HM-CUP-1126 Download 26.0mm 11.2mm
HM-CUP-1226 Download 26.0mm 12.5mm
HM-CUP-1426 Download 26.0mm 14.0mm
HM-CUP-1626 Download 26.0mm 16.0mm
HM-CUP-2034 Download 34.0mm 20.0mm

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