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hamma™ Regatta Stemball cups have been designed to match the extreme high performance of the hamma™ X, hamma™ Pro cables and hamma™ Regatta Stemballs.

The hamma™ Regatta Stemball Cups have the following key features:

  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Ideally used with hamma™ Regatta Swaged or Threaded Stemballs
Ideal for use in standing rigging and architectural applications.
For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.


Product Code Data Sheet D (mm) External Diameter D1 (mm) Internal Diameter
HM-CUP-0818 Download 18.0mm 8.0mm
HM-CUP-0926 Download 26.0mm 9.0mm
HM-CUP-1126 Download 26.0mm 11.2mm
HM-CUP-1226 Download 26.0mm 12.5mm
HM-CUP-1426 Download 26.0mm 14.0mm
HM-CUP-1626 Download 26.0mm 16.0mm
HM-CUP-2034 Download 34.0mm 20.0mm

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